Document Management & Workflow

A T & S Ltd are able to offer consultation and implementation of Electronic Document Management Solutions right across the organisation from invoice processing to personnel records. Our solutions focus includes scanning and retrieval of paper files and capturing all electronic files such as e-mails and word files in connection with case management.

Below are a few examples of the benefits that can be gained from implementing Electronic Document Management:

Efficient document filing

Once a document is indexed it can never be lost, damaged or re-filed incorrectly. Misplaced documents and the hassle caused by them will be eliminated.

Fast document retrieval and time savings

Significant human costs are associated with paper-intensive business processes. Industry studies estimate that salaries account for 70% of the costs of a manual filing system. The average seek-times for documents are just a few seconds, providing significant time-savings compared to paper.

Besides the major reductions in salary and space costs, significant amounts of money can be saved on postage, photocopying and stationery.

This can be from simple routing of invoices, to automating work to be done into your in-tray and completed work from your out-tray to the next person. Creating a generic workflow suite to allow enterprise wide business process management and collaboration.

For example: parallel routing to multiple approvers with approval limits. Ability to part approve particular transaction rows. Functionality to graphically view the business process and have management reporting on the various parts of the processes.