About us

Reconciliation Software

Accounts Technology and Services Ltd was established in 2003. Since then, Reconcil@ has been successfully developed to meet a variety of reconciliation needs from Supplier Statements, Intercompany, Remittances and other specialised requirements.

A T & S have a diverse client base including major retailers, manufacturers and distribution companies who use the application across their departments. We have built up specialist knowledge on how best to reconcile particular statement formats and layouts to maximise the use of the information. The reconciliations can be specifically tailored to allow organisations to get the best results for their individual needs.

We have unique technologies to automate the entire checking process with Reconcil@ in the middle of the reconciliations steps and other proven systems allowing you to get to the results you want with minimum effort & time.

Why use Accounts Technology and Services Ltd for your reconciliation needs? 

It is not just our reconciliation engines that allows us to give you the best results whilst saving significant time. It is minimising all the tasks involved from extracting data out of Tiff and PDF statements, running the reconciliations and producing the data in the right level of detail for your summary sheet & KPI’s. We can give you a solution that is automated, maximising time savings for your organisation and reconciling hundreds of statements whilst extracting the most valuable information. In some cases, the time per reconciliation to complete the process from start to finish can be a matter of seconds when using Reconcil@.

We can give you tailored KPI results to best manage your suppliers and your team. We have the ability to take our ‘off the shelf’ software and customise it to best meet your individual organisation requirements. These are just some of the reasons why a number of Plc’s as well as large private organisations use Reconcil@.